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 Youth Programs 

Youth Programs

The Clubhouse 
After School Drop-In

Come and hang out with your friends, play wii, fooseball, cards, make crafts and just relax and have fun. 


Program runs from afterschool until 4:30pm

Tuesdays : Ages 9-12

Wednesdays: Ages 13+

Lunch Bunch .jpg
Lunch Bunch

Lunch hours on Wednesdays LCS and on Mondays at Palsson. Keep an eye out for one of the counsellors who will be handing out tickets. We look forward to having some fun with you !

Youth Group

 Youth Group is a weekly program run out of Community Services, after school for grade 5 and up. This program is a safe place to come together once a week and hang out. It is run from an interactive empowerment perspective and covers topics such as healthy relationships, positive self-esteem, life skills, and building confidence.  This program also gives youth a place to build strong lasting friendships with one another.  


Program currently on hold

Children Running
Meet & Greet

Every Tuesday morning CLCS counsellors attend Lake Cowichan School and greet students as they arrive. Meet & Greet is an informal way for the counsellors to check in with students and make their face known to the school population. Community members such as RCMP also join us as part of the Meet & Greet Program.


Program currently on hold due to COVID-19

Peer Counselling

Our counsellors facilitate weekly peer counsellor training workshops for students in the peer counselling program at Lake Cowichan School. The workshops run from September-December and assist students in developing their peer counselling skill set. From January - June our counsellors take on a supportive role with the student peer counsellors offering resources, feedback and support while they are actively providing support to fellow students!


Family Programs

Family Counselling

All families experience up and downs and sometimes it is helpful to gain some outside perspective and support. Family mediation empowers families to resolve conflicts, assert boundaries and create healthy relationships.

Family Mediation

Assisting families to build skills to work through conflicts, empower each other, communicate effectively and create healthy boundaries.

Supervised Visitation

Helping families build relationships and stay together. Families must be referred by their MCFD Social Worker to receive this service.

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