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Reaching Home

Through funding support from the Federal Government's 'Reaching Home' Program and United Way, we are able to provide financial and non-financial support to community members who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Our programming includes bi-weekly soup kitchen on Mondays and Thursdays, basic needs services, homelessness prevention supports, and advocacy.

Community Navigator


Cameron is committed to the empowering potential of social connections based on community care and peer-to-peer solidarity. Cameron completed a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Diploma in Social Justice Studies at the University of Victoria before going on to finish a Masters in Social and Political Thought at Acadia University. Cameron's role as our Community Navigator allows him to direct and assists community members in accessing community resources and government programs, obtaining referrals, and resolving disputes and debts with land owners and other service providers. More than anything Cameron has appreciated being in community, meeting and getting to know people, as they find connections, tell their favorite jokes, pursue their favorite selves, and satisfy their needs and nutriments.

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